OFX FI details for Wachovia Bank

Update:  This entry is for 2006 data.  Please view the updated 2008 entry as well.
The OFX financial institution information for Wachovia Bank is as follows.
FI Id: 4309
FI Org: Wachovia
FI Url: https://pfmpw.wachovia.com/cgi-forte/fortecgi?servicename=ofx&pagename=PFM
OFX Version: 102

Wachovia Bank has the following capabilities:

  • Account Discovery: yes
  • Banking Services: yes
    mail for banking services: yes
    intra-bank transfers: yes
    scheduled intra-bank transfers: no
    transfer sync requests: no
  • Credit Card Services: yes
  • Bill-Pay Services: yes
    mail for bill-pay services: yes
    payment by address: yes
    payment by transfer: no
    payment by payee id: no
    recurring/automatic payments: yes
    payments with credit card: no
    payee delete: no
  • Investment Brokerage Services: no

Wachovia Bank service signup is through the phone, so you need to call 1-800-654-1276 in order to sign up. The cost per month for online services is 0.0000.

Enrollment for web services automatically enrolls you for OFX services. A different password is used to access OFX services than the one used to access services via their website, so you’ll need to get a separate password from Wachovia Bank. This institution allows users to change their PIN/password through OFX services. The password must be between 7 and 20 characters, and may contain alpha numeric space and special characters.

1525 West W.T. Harris – 1C3 Mailcode : NC8537 Charlotte NC 28262-8537
Wachovia Bank

For assistance with Online Banking or Billpay, contact us at 1-800-654-1276.


9 Responses to OFX FI details for Wachovia Bank

  1. Kris Bravo says:

    Apparently, they didn’t like people using that contact number because it’s turned off now.

  2. ofxuy says:

    For assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, please call 800-WACHOVIA (800-922-4684).

  3. Lee Cason says:

    Is anyone successfully using GnuCash’s OFX interface with Wachovia? I’ve sent Wachovia two separate emails asking about how to setup OFX and all I get is the stock reply that they only support Quicken and MS Money. I haven’t tried the 800-WACHOVIA (800-922-4684) number yet.

  4. ofxuy says:

    Lee, the details listed here on this entry for Wachovia work fine for me.

  5. Felix Bearden says:

    I have tried to use Wachovia’s service but get a error:

    OFX: General error (Invalid Product or Version. The Software Version you are attempting to connect with is not supported by your financial institution, please contact Customer Service for more information.)

    I am using version 2.2.5

    … any ideas?

  6. ofxuy says:

    Felix, this is your bank trying to steal from you. 🙂 See here: https://ofxblog.wordpress.com/ofx-appids/.

    Just change your OFXVersion and OFXAppId to something they like.

  7. Lee Cason says:


    Thanks for confirming that you are able to get GnuCash’s OFX interfact to work with Wachovia bank. The details of how to do this are still a bit fuzzy to me. The documentation above, which appears to have been copied from a Wachovia source, is I believe now stale.

    I just called the Wachovia Online Banking tech support line, which is now 1-800-950-2296, and after being on hold for about 10 minutes, was connected to a support tech named Jesse. He said that he had not heard of GnuCash. I attempted to explain that the OFX protocol was used by Quicken and MS Money also, but got disconnected.

    From your last post above, July 21, 2008, it sounds like you can enter any valid OFXVersion and OFXAppId parameters and the interface will work. Do you know where might I find valid OFXVersion and OFXAppId parameters for using GnuCash at Wachovia Bank? What values are working for you? I see a list of Intuit product values here https://ofxblog.wordpress.com/2007/06/06/ofx-appid-and-appver-for-intuit-products/

    Finally, is using undocumented, apparently unsupported interfaces to do personal banking a possibly risky proposition? For example, are these OFXVersion and OFXAppId parameters changed on the server periodically, which would cause the handshake to be broken?

    I really want to get rid of Microsoft Windows on all my computers in my home office, but need to figure out how to make GnuCash work with online banking approximately as well as Quicken. I certainly don’t want to go back to manual reconciliation of bank statements!



  8. ofxuy says:


    1. I am able to connect using app id QWIN, app version 1700, bankid 053000219, fiid 4309, org name “Wachovia”, and url “https://pfmpw.wachovia.com/cgi-forte/fortecgi?servicename=ofx&pagename=PFM”. Note that this may change in the next few months since apparently CityGroup will be buying Wachovia. I am not using GnuCash though, I am using RSSBus’ Ofxops.

    2. You can’t enter any valid AppId/AppVersion. The bank only supports certain versions.

    3. It could be risky if you give your personal bank info to an outside company, but there is no risk associated with using an OFXAppId/Version and having the bank stop supporting that appid. You just go and change the app id.

  9. celem says:

    I fanally got GnuCash to work correctly with Wachovia. There appears to be a problem with the AqBanking Wizard, at least as it pertains to Wachovia. I finally decided this after some detective work using (1) a working QUICKEN on a Windows platform; (2) success using the ofx.py script ( http://www.jongsma.org/gc/ ). I filled in AqBanking wizard’s User Configuration window with my Wachovia userid in both the User ID and Customer ID fields, Country=United States, Bank ID = 053000219. In Ofx Configuration, FID = 4309, Org = Wachovia, Broker ID is blank, Server URL = “https://pfmpw.wachovia.com/cgi-forte/fortecgi?servicename=ofx&pagename=PFM”, APPID=QWIN, APPVER=1600, Header Version=102. However, pressing the Get Accounts would always indicate a successful download from the bank but fail with a Parse error. When I examined the actual OFX downloaded by ofx.py I knew that problem was in AqBanking. I then manually installed my account info in AqBanking’s Accounts tab using the same data pkus my checking account number. Now GnuCash works fine for Wachovia Online Banking.

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