Bank Data Complete

The OFXBlog now contains OFX contact and connection details (OFX URL, FI Id, Organization name, etc.) for nearly 4000 different financial institutions in the US. 

Next on the agenda: I want to build a list of software and tools that can be used to communicate with these banks.  If you have something for me to add to the list please leave me a comment.


4 Responses to Bank Data Complete

  1. Chris Sells says:

    is the bank data available as an XML file? it’d be handy to be able to download all the data you’ve collected in a batch for use in writing applications against. thanks.

  2. ofxuy says:

    Yes, its available as XML. Thats where I got it from. See

  3. Guy says:

    How do I open the file fidata.utf-16 into XMLs?

  4. ofxuy says:

    Guy, there are utf-16 and utf-8 files available, they are both tgz files, so just use winzip or tar/gunzip to extract the data.

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