Free OFX Applications

Leo at Zen Habits posted 6 Free alternatives to Money and Quicken, which I’ll add to my list.  I have to say, the number 6 is stretching it a bit, since one of the applications listed is Excel/Google Spreadsheets.  Three of the listings are also a web application, which I will say “no thanks” to (even though Yodlee has much credibility in this space – in fact a search for Yodlee on this blog will turn up many, many hits).

Note: also read the comments to the Zen Habits post above, there is lots of good info there too.

Read why Scott Hanselman no longer uses Quicken and Money.


One Response to Free OFX Applications

  1. Jason says:

    Actually another one that works, but is still in beta is call sharpcash (written in C#, using a SQLite database. )

    The forum is here:

    Right now it only supports the basic OFX downloading, but it does get maintained.

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