GnuCash FI Data

GnuCash has some FI data that I don’t. I’m not sure where it came from, but I am going to post it here since at least one of the banks listed (Wells Fargo) is not included here on this site already.

Wells Fargo Bank:
FIId: 3001
FIOrg: Wells Fargo


6 Responses to GnuCash FI Data

  1. Hasten says:

    Is website down?

  2. ofxuy says:

    I haven’t been able to get there all week.

  3. Hasten says:

    One more query, I got the following information from 2 different sources for Bank of America (California) in these, which is correct?

    SOURCE 1
    Bank of America ( California )


    SOURCE 2
    “fi_org” = “HAN”
    “fi_id” = “6805”
    “bootstrap_url” = “”
    “app_id” = “QWIN”
    “app_ver” = “1300”
    “access_type” = “OFX”
    “fi_name” = “Bank of America (California)”

    Mainly which URL is correct?

    Btw, can you refer good source to get list of OFX supporting FI institutes with URLs?


  4. ofxuy says:

    Neither of those seem to match the data that I have. If you have a BoA California account, try them out and let me know wh ich one works for you. Perhaps one is for credit card accounts and one is for regular bank accounts?

  5. Trey says:

    That Wells Fargo data is listed in the data I get when I do run the script from I think it is an old wells fargo server that allows you to login with your SSN and PIN. I seem to recall that this is how I had to log in with them years ago (possibly through an old version of Quicker).

    What’s interesting though, is that I was experimenting around last night trying to get a successful connection to Wells Fargo. I kept getting a connection refused response when I used the url. After a bit of ofx-induced frustration, I decided to re-download the fi data with the script—it had been a while.

    As I suspected, the information for wells fargo was updated. The new url is:, and the FID and ORG are both blank. I tried plugging this url in and both leaving the FID and ORG as is, as well as blanking them out.

    The response I got?

    Whuaaa? SOAP? Did they really drop their classic OFX support and adopt the SOAP spec (2.0.2, I think—I would be sure if the site ever came back). I checked a few other large banks, Washington Mutual, Bank of America, etc., and they all have the same url listed as the provider url, as well as being identified as type 0 in the bank.xml file. Has anyone seen or heard anything about this?

    Doing a little further digging, the certificate for that url is issued to Microsoft. Hmmm, interesting.

    I’ll post if I find anything else.

  6. Dave says:

    Any of the results that have urls containing the DataFeedAPI are almost certainly pointed at a Yodlee server. You have to log into that server with the ofx anonymous login (it’s in the spec) and parse the results to figure out the bank’s data server address (and other ofx relevant data).

    I think the best way to get past that is to get an evaluation copy of Quicken, set it up for your account, login once, then inspect the ofx.log file to retrieve the necessary information. I haven’t had a chance to try Quicken 2008 yet to see if the log is still accessible. It used to be a text file, then they moved it to an encrypted place inside the program. One of these days they might move it behind more security to keep us out…

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