OFX FI details for Ent Federal Credit Union

The OFX financial institution information for Ent Federal Credit Union is as follows.

FI Id: 1001
FI Org: Entprod
FI Url: https://ofx.entfederal.com/scripts/serverext.dll
OFX Version: 102

Ent Federal Credit Union has the following capabilities:

  • Account Discovery: yes

  • Banking Services: yes

    mail for banking services: yes
    intra-bank transfers: yes
    scheduled intra-bank transfers: no
    transfer sync requests: yes

  • Credit Card Services: no

  • Bill-Pay Services: no

  • Investment Brokerage Services: no

Ent Federal Credit Union service signup is through the phone, so you need to call them in order to sign up. The cost per month for online services is unknown, please contact them to find out.

Enrollment for web services automatically enrolls you for OFX services. The same password is used to access OFX services as is used to access services via their their website.
This institution allows users to change their PIN/password through OFX services. The password must be between 4 and 9 characters, and may contain alpha numeric space and special characters.

7250 Campus Drive Colorado Springs CO 80920
719-574-1100 x6776
Ent Federal Credit Union

If you have any questions, please contact an Ent Federal Member Service Representative at (719)574-1100 or (800)525-9623.


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