Update Coming Soon…

October 10, 2008

The last time this data was updated was for Money 2006.  Currently I’m working on getting updated data, the current Oct 2008 Money Plus data.

I think I will start the blog fresh by removing all the “fidata” posts and replacing them.  I don’t see any reason to keep them around since some of them now contain invalid data.  So if you’re linking here, keep that in mind.

Let me know if you have any comments about this.


Banks that will connect to MS Money Plus

November 6, 2007

Here’s the list of banks that will connect to Microsoft Money Plus. I’m curious how many of these banks have now specifically *removed* support for other versions of MS Money (even though those old versions still use the same OFX protocol).


Remember, the OFX AppId for Money Plus is “Money Plus”, and the AppVersion is 1700.

PNC Bank

August 17, 2007

Update:  This entry is for 2006 data.  Please view the updated 2008 entry as well.

The GnuCash wiki has some data for PNC Bank and others, but according to one commenter (below), it does not work as of October 2007.  Can anyone confirm this?


GnuCash FI Data

August 2, 2007

GnuCash has some FI data that I don’t. I’m not sure where it came from, but I am going to post it here since at least one of the banks listed (Wells Fargo) is not included here on this site already.

Wells Fargo Bank:
FIId: 3001
FIOrg: Wells Fargo

Free OFX Applications

June 27, 2007

Leo at Zen Habits posted 6 Free alternatives to Money and Quicken, which I’ll add to my list.  I have to say, the number 6 is stretching it a bit, since one of the applications listed is Excel/Google Spreadsheets.  Three of the listings are also a web application, which I will say “no thanks” to (even though Yodlee has much credibility in this space – in fact a search for Yodlee on this blog will turn up many, many hits).

Note: also read the comments to the Zen Habits post above, there is lots of good info there too.

Read why Scott Hanselman no longer uses Quicken and Money.

OFX AppId and AppVer for Microsoft Money

June 6, 2007

All supported versions of Money and the MSN Money portal use APPID “Money” (case matters).

Money Plus <APPVER>1700
Money 2007
Money 2006 <APPVER>1500
Money 2005 <APPVER>1400
Money 2004 <APPVER>1200
Money 2003 <APPVER>1100

OFX AppId and AppVer for Intuit Products

June 6, 2007

I saw this on Intuits site:

Validation of APPID and APPVER is not required and in fact Intuit (in general) discourages validation of APPVER since it would require the OFX server to be updated every time a new product is released.

Yeah.  Uh huh.  Sure.

They recently moved their documentation of AppId and AppVer behind a login, so I will document them here in case they change again:

Product Version APPID APPVER
Quicken Windows 2008 QWIN 1700
Quicken Windows 2007 QWIN 1600
Quicken Windows 2006 QWIN 1500
Quicken Windows 2005 QWIN 1400
Quicken Mac 2008 QMOFX data available late Fall 2008
Quicken Mac 2007 QMOFX 1600
Quicken Mac 2006 QMOFX 1500
Quicken Mac 2005 QMOFX 1400
QuickBooks Windows 2008 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1800
QuickBooks Windows 2007 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1700
QuickBooks Windows 2006 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1600
QuickBooks Windows 2005 & Enterprise Solutions QBW 1500
QuickBooks Mac 2007 N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads
QuickBooks Mac 2006 N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads N/A since this version only supports Web Connect downloads