Here I will maintain a list of tools that support OFX for communicating with financial instutitions. If you know of any such tools that are not already listed below, please leave a reply below so that I can list them here.

Desktop Applications

Web Applications

Developer Tools


14 Responses to Tools

  1. Ken says:

    Check out
    I haven’t yet, but I see it listed as supporting OFX! And apparantly it’s free.

  2. Jim Voos says:

    I guess you can add Apple Numbers to the list of supported desktop applications.

  3. Mjrz says:

    Disclaimer: I am the author of this product.

    Take a look at Personal Finance Manager from It is written in Java, so will work on all platforms.
    Currently it supports basic double entry accounting.
    Import OFX data.
    Download statements for Bank and Credit card accounts using OFX protocol

  4. Mike says:

    Are you aware of any programming libraries like that offered by but that don’t cost upwards of $600?

  5. Bruce Ken says: supports OFX aswell.


  6. Jaytee says:

    iBank for the Mac also supports OFX

  7. Brandon Fosdick says:

    Anyone know of a test server? How about a know good example request?

    I’m trying to write a Finance::OFX module for Perl. So far my bank returns nothing but “400 Bad Request” when I try to send a SONRQ. I’m trying to test against FirstIB in case anyone cares.

  8. SplashData says:

    Don’t forget us: SplashMoney

    We support Windows, Mac OS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and soon: BlackBerry and iPhone.


  9. mmecum says:

    iBank by iggsoftware is a Mac program that also supports OFX.

  10. ericb says:

    KMyMoney2 also support OFX

  11. patti says:

    Can someone please tell me how to setup online banking with MoneyDance and Wachovia. I have tried manually and automatically and receiver errors both ways. I am at my wits end! Any help is appreciated.

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